What We Are Doing Here

This website offers a total package of Artificial Intelligence powered artwork and text to assist spiritual counselors in their practices and a discussion lounge where spiritual counselors and SRT students can ask questions and share their experiences.

The AI systems are an invaluable resource for spiritual research and a handy tool for producing high quality content. With this AI-assisted art, practitioners can create beautiful illustrations for blog posts with ease. The text AI, on the other hand, draws from a private spiritual dataset which has been produced through interviews with spirits in sessions as well as from trusted spiritual resources that have been verified for accuracy by David St Lawrence. This allows users to generate relevant and reliable information effortlessly, providing them with potent material for writing powerful blog posts about any facet of the spiritual world they wish to cover. This private dataset allows users to easily search through it whenever they need assistance or inspiration when drafting up new posts or articles related to spirituality.

We are working toward a brighter future for all of us and this library can be a valuable resource for anyone who wants to become more able and help others to do the same. Those of you would like to become part of the library team and contribute your findings to the data set just need to contact me and we will find a place where you can contribute to this ongoing project. Those of you with website or AI experience are welcome to join us as we expand our dataset to include works by respected spiritual pioneers and current spiritual counselors.

This resource becomes more valuable when it can provide access to multiple observations of spiritual activity. These observations are often quite accurate as to what was observed, even though the conclusions reached as to what was causing the activity was incorrect. With Spiritual Rescue Technology, almost any medical, behavioral, or cultural phenomenon can be analyzed and handled by communicating with the spirits involved. The library will continue to grow as long as there are practitioners communicating with spirits and sharing their findings.